The Black Velveteen

A lifelong creative person, it took a while for Lucille to consider herself "a creative". A scientist by trade, Lucille always struggled to balance her affinity for orderly, scientific work with all the crafts she enjoyed in her free time. Between biology classes, she studied costuming and indulged in theater. She poured over editorial spreads and stalked Met Gala coverage when she was supposed to be studying for chemistry exams. As she finished grad school, she found that she wanted to make her "free time" into her "full time", and began her journey doing creative work. And what a journey it's been!

Lucille enjoys podcasts, shoe-shopping, and laying in the grass. She only exercises because she knows she should, and is very worried she might not ever actually enjoy it. Unlike the blog's namesake, her go-to drink is a Whiskey Ginger.



The Black Velveteen has been featured in print Issues 1 & 2 of Denver Style Magazine, a publication that acts as a local fashion & lifestyle resource. Her original blog series "Sips & Style" has also run on the Denver Style Magazine website.

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